Illustration Friday – Secret

I have done Illustration Friday projects for a couple of years but I never post them, I am always too afraid that they aren’t good enough to be seen, but I am going to try to get over that, take the plunge, jump, no dive – off the high board, into the deep end and never look back! No more being a coward. I know I can create art as well as anyone else, but I have to face the fear so… we go.

The word this week is Secret – whoops! The cats out of the bag now!


3 Responses to “Illustration Friday – Secret”

  • Haha, cute idea for the topic! You shouldn’t worry so much! Illustration Friday has folks from all skill levels. Welcome!

  • Ha ha! Cute idea!! Glad you decided to post it!
    I love Illustration Friday, because I find the different interpretations of the same theme so fascinating! Fun to see ideas I’d never thought of, & to learn which ideas were popular, but each rendered in a completely different personal style.

  • Very nice work Lisa! I really love it!

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